Hypnosis for Anxiety related disorders and cumulative stress 


With the ever increasing pace of everyday life, e-mails, mobile phones, tighter deadlines and amplified demands there is little wonder that work related stress is responsible for a significantly high proportion of sickness absence and more often than not this is a long term situation.  This in turn causes lost productivity and  profitability for businesses.  Similar great business leaders inspire others to achieve greatness.  They motivate and encourage others to go that extra mile and are able to communicate succinctly and efficiently across all levels of audiences.  Not until we are able to maintain control over our focus and emotions are we thus enabled to bride the gap between what we know and what we are able to do.

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RMN Hypnotherapy can provide one to one consultations for specific clients or pre-emptive group relaxation and de-stressing sessions which are ideal for team building days.


While aimed at the corporate market, successful treatment of stress and anxiety related disorders by hypnotherapy is well documented as being beneficial across a wide range of clients both in the private and public sectors.  This is achieved with simple techniques that dramatically reduces stress related situations.  The enhancement of relaxation, respiratory and visualisation techniques will focus the mind allowing results to be achieved more efficiently.


If you would like RMN Hypnotherapy to help you with your stress and anxiety related condition, or think that your company would benefit from having such a program built into the colleague benefits package then don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free initial consultation.