Hypnosis for Insomnia & Sleep Disorders


Next to weight related issues and dietary re-education perhaps one of the most common problems I see are sleep related disorders.  Often these are a side effect of other disorders particularly stress related issues.  In many cases by restoring the body’s natural circadian rhythm or sleep pattern treatment of other conditions become much more effective.


If we become tired we become run down and irritable and this in turn leads to chemical imbalances within our body as well as affecting our social behaviour patterns.   When we are tired our dietary habits are also affected, some are simply too tired to eat while others comfort eat.  Both of course can have disastrous consequences on our health and happiness as well as our physical perception of ourselves.


Using clinical hypnotherapy to redress this balance is an essential part of any treatment regime.  Just think to yourself, how much better do you feel after a good night’s sleep?


Of course as in pain control, it is not simply a case of dealing with the symptoms but determining why you are having difficulty in the first place.  Most clients suffer sleep disturbance because of anxiety related issues so it is as important to address them.