Hypnosis for Pain Control


Pain is a very good diagnostic tool as well as a safety mechanism so using hypnotherapy to remove pain completely would be both unhelpful and unethical.  For example if you were hypnotised into believing that you felt no pain at all in your hand and you touched a hot iron you would not feel the pain……but you would still get burnt! So hypnotherapy is used to control the pain threshold of the sufferer.  By allowing the client to administer appropriate levels of hypnotic pain control as and when they need it allows a much better quality of life.


This technique has been widely used for years during such procedures as childbirth, dental procedures and some surgery.  I have developed my own tried and trusted techniques over the years and have had excellent success particularly in the management of pain control for clients suffering from IBS, arthritis and chronic aches and pains.


Pain control clinics are always carried out with the knowledge of your family Dr as this is one particular area that hypnotherapy works alongside conventional medicine as a routine rather than as an exception.