You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete but the vast majority of competitive sportsmen and women from the enthusiastic amateur and club member to County and National personalities always want to be at the top of their game. They want to increase their sports performance even by a little bit to give them the leading edge over their rivals. Hypnotherapy will not teach you the practical skills, that is down to you and your coach but it can and will help you with direct visualisation, confidence and focus. It is often said that the hardest six inches to play on a golf course are the six inches between your ears. How many times do you see someone play a couple of poor shots, beat themselves up over it and allow it to ruin the whole round? How often have you seen a footballer, rugby or hockey player set themselves up for that all important kick or penalty only to lose focus at the vital moment and send the ball everywhere but where they intended? Well this is where hypnosis can play a vital role.

Helping sportsmen and women of all ages and abilities to focus on specific areas of their game and using direct visualisation to improve their own successes. How good would it be if a motorcycle racer could shave off a second or two over their rivals on a particular part of the track? What about a horse-rider being able to jump just a cm or two more than their rivals? A weight lifter raising just 0.5kg more than the other? Well the targeted sports performance hypnotherapy provided by RMN Hypnotherapy will help you towards that goal. Here are a couple of actual examples from previous clients:

“*** is a county hockey player who continually experienced nerves when taking a penalty shot. After six sessions of hypnotherapy his average score rate from a penalty shots increased by almost 300%. His ability to have increased focus on specific areas of the game has allowed him to improve his game and he has recently become captain of his team”

“*** is a club level golfer who has been steadily reducing his handicap over recent years. A significant problem occurred when, having birdied a hole he would immediately play badly for the next three or four holes thus undoing all the good work he had achieved. By taking his thought process and helping him to focus on one hole at a time he has steadily improved and now plays off a much lower handicap”

If you would like RMN Hypnotherapy to help you with your sports performance then don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free initial consultation.